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A lawsuit or threatened lawsuit is disruptive to an individual’s life, career, family and livelihood and can easily take a heavy toll on people and businesses. Our lawyers combine an understanding of business law with keen litigation skills to defend you, your family and business from business torts, breach of contract disputes, libel, defamation, and fraud.

Civil liability, civil lawsuits and issues can arise from workplace conflict, customer conflict or conflict between business competitors and even between business partners. Our background in investigations and business law allow us to offer multi-faceted advice ranging from informal negotiations to diffuse hostile situations, arbitration, mediation, media relations and trial work. Some of our best results are done behind the scenes where the opposing party never even realizes our client is using legal counsel. In other circumstances, the client’s best interests are served through our surfacing early and aggressively.

Electronic data preservation and retrieval are now required tools in civil litigation and the preparation for anticipated civil litigation. Our lawyers are well versed in electronic discovery and electronic forensic issues and work closely with top-industry investigators in these areas to give our clients the edge in any conflict.

Complex and sensitive personal and business issues require lawyers who understand when to fight, when to make peace, and how to find solutions that protect our clients’ interests while ensuring the continued flow of everyday business operations. Strong solutions to complex and sensitive issues require legal counsel with experience at investigation, negotiation, mediation as well as litigation. Our lawyers will help you utilize all available resources to solve problems and prevent future ones.