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Corporate Law

Small businesses, large corporations, shareholders and executives constantly interact with the corporate laws that shape and serve commerce. Corporate law is primarily practiced outside the courtroom but a good corporate lawyer must comfortably wield litigation, the threat of litigation and the assessment of litigation as everyday tools of the trade as well as understand the different regulations that govern both large corporations and small business.

WGW lawyers are small business owners themselves and understand the scale of small business concerns but also have experience working at large law firms and servicing the needs of international corporations.

Business Formation

Whether your business is or will be a one-man show or collaborative effort, we help you choose the right structures, vehicles, and formats to help reduce or quantify risk and ensure success.

From choosing the right type of entity for a start-up to acquiring and integrating an outside business to establishing comprehensive and understandable expectations between partners, we will walk you through the choices and ensure that you understand the risks and rewards associated with each. Then we’ll make sure those choices get papered as you understand them.

Business Operational Needs

When the prospective landlord hands you a 30 page lease, when your new VP asks for an employment agreement, when your big new customer is demanding to use its agreement, we can help guide you each step of the way and parse through the reasonableness and acceptability.

Contracts, agreements and transactions often tend to be done on a boiler-plate basis. But even your boiler-plate would be substantially different from that of your customer. Make sure you are reaching agreements that you understand and are acceptable to you. Our reviews will point out the pitfalls and get your viewpoints across.

Our agreement drafting and negotiation will provide you with the protections you need, meet your customer, vendor and partner needs, and be understandable to boot. When you have or are making agreements with partners and stakeholders, or just keeping corporate house, we can make sure that you understand the relationships and remain in corporate compliance.

Technology Transactions

Our technology transaction advice is based upon both a high degree of technology background, including software design as well as experience in counseling clients about technology transactions ranging from drafting, negotiating and acting as outsourced general counsel for technology companies.