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Crime Victims

Crime victims have rights under numerous federal and state laws but they are often unaware of these rights. A crime victim’s lawyer can inform the victim about assistance that may be available as well as the possibility of bringing civil lawsuits to vindicate the crime victim’s legal rights. The criminal justice system is often confusing to people and our experience as former prosecutors and who have supervised other prosecutors and overseen investigations more easily allows us to help clients understand and navigate the system.

Businesses who find themselves the victim of a crime such as fraud, theft or embezzlement benefit need help assessing the financial damage, taking steps to prevent further loss, investigating, assessing, and developing evidence about who may be responsible and presenting that evidence in an easily accessible way to the prosecutor.

Individuals who are victims of crimes such as identity theft, stalking, cyberstalking and harassment often need help developing evidence and defensive strategies against the person or persons attacking them.

One of our core values as lawyers has always been the protection of victims and we donate space in our law firm to the Maryland Crime Victim’s advocacy group. We take pride in our record of accomplishment as crime victim lawyers and leverage our experience as former prosecutors in defending the rights of our clients who have been victims of crime.