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White Collar Federal Criminal Investigations & Federal White Collar Criminal Charges

Defending against white collar federal criminal investigation and/or federal criminal charges is not about “who done it” but about “what was done.” As former federal prosecutors, we have led and supervised federal criminal investigations ranging from theft of government property to public corruption by Cabinet-level officials and have made hundreds of decisions about federal criminal charges as well as having made recommendations about federal criminal investigations and federal criminal charges at the highest levels of the Justice Department, including the Inspector General’s Office for the Justice Department, Deputy Attorney General’s Office, and the Attorney General of the United States. We understand how federal criminal investigations work. We understand how prosecutors decide whether and what federal criminal charges to bring. If a case must be tried, our combined experience with trials – both jury and non-jury – numbers in the hundreds – allows us to develop and implement the strongest trial defenses available.

From the moment an FBI agent makes contact, a search warrant is served, a grand jury subpoena or administrative subpoena arrives, we advise and run interference for our clients, understanding that sometimes a lawyer’s best work is done behind the scenes. Our experience at the highest levels of the Justice Department combined with our extensive operational experience working with local police, FBI, Postal Inspectors, US Secret Service, Office of Inspector General and other federal agent, gives us immediate credibility with prosecutors and agents and insight into their strategies.

Individuals and small businesses are often caught up in larger investigations and require legal advice to comply with law enforcement requests without incriminating themselves, violating the rights of their employees, and without excessive disruption of business. In these large-scale investigations, employees or affiliates of national or multinational corporations often need separate legal representation and we are frequently called upon by much larger law firms to undertake these representations and work closely with the larger law firms to protect our client’s rights. Many of the leading large law firms have white collar defense practices run by our former colleagues at the Justice Department so we are well-known to them for the quality of our experience and work.

The best white collar lawyers seek to persuade the prosecution that no crime has taken place or that the crime is far less serious than it appears. White collar matters like health care fraud, fraud against the federal government, government contract fraud, medical device fraud, wire fraud, mail fraud, conspiracy to defraud the federal government, government contractor fraud, bid rigging, false claims act violations, tax fraud, bribery, public corruption, honest services fraud, conflicts of interest, gift rule violations, foreign corrupt practices violations (FCPA), criminal export violations, criminal import violations, international trafficking in arms regulations (ITAR), international emergency economic powers act (IEEPA), smuggling, and misuse of classified information all require rigorous analysis of documents, complex facts and cutting edge understanding of the law as interpreted by courts and federal law enforcement agencies.  Our experience allows us to analyze these complex matters and recommend the best strategies for assuaging the government’s concerns during federal criminal investigations and dissuading the government from bringing federal criminal charges or seeking to bring less serious federal criminal charges.